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Competition Team

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

At passMORE DANCE, we take pride in our dancers' hard work and dedication to the art of dance. We believe that competitions are essential outlets for our dancers to showcase their skills and talents. Our dancers are challenged to perform their technical training on stage while maintaining good sportsmanship and being team players. Explore our projects below to see how passMORE DANCE is making waves in the dance industry.

Dance Competitions

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Recently Ranking

Ignite Dance Moms - January 21, 2024

1st Overall Senior Group : Que Calor

1st Overall Junior Duet/Trio : Better in Stereo

1st Overall Teen Duet/Trio & Dynamite Award for Highest Duet Trio Score : Tiny Dancer

2nd Overall Junior Petite Solo - Can You Feel It

2nd Overall Senior Solo and Wildfire Award: Rain

3rd Overall Junior Group: Charlie's Angels

4th Overall Junior Group: Dance Dance

5th Overall Junior Duet/Trio: Sanderson Sisters

5th Overall Junior Group: Brazilian Beats

5th Overall Junior Solo - Break Free 

6th Overall Teen Solo - Serenade

7th Overall Junior Group - Shell Shocked

10th Overall Junior Group - Get Up

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